The end of one, is just the start of another…

So this week is in the bank! It has been a pretty good one at that.

We like to use Sunday to figure the way ahead as far as our menu for the week goes, it seems  to help save time and energy.  We scour our cookbooks and favorite Paleo / Primal web sites looking for things to cook or ideas to direct our kitchen talents. So that is what we did today, along with a few hours of internet house hunting as we start to prep for the pending move.  I can honestly say my “Fun Meter” is just about pegged; really done with looking at awesome houses that I can not afford…LOL.


Today in the kitchen was pretty light (I am suffering from too much fun last night) just a few little things going on.  The Wife made some Egg muffins and coconut flour pancakes for breakfast, she also broiled up some really good seasoned radishes for me ( she is not a radish fan). While I am on my second attempt at BBQ sauce (first one was too salty, much too salty) and I grilled up a nice steak for dinner just before the sky opened up and dumped rain on me. I like cooking with fire, and when it comes to steak I really think less is more…salt, pepper, crushed garlic and 5 min per side. Rock on!

The Week Ahead


I hope everyone has a great end and better start as the days move ahead.

Eat. Lift. Live. (Like an Animal)


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