Where does the time go, and Rando Randomness

Wow, this week has really got away from me. Not sure how a Holiday shortened week gets to be so long. Not a lot going on in the kitchen this week, been living of the leftovers and/or making it up as we go along. Thanks for hanging in there while I failed at time management.


  • It really is a good thing that The Wife does Crossfit; I am not sure other girls wold really understand that my hands are like Brillo pads most of the time.
  • No Crossfit this week, it has really sucked, not even time to get a run in, it has really sucked; did I just say that about running????
  • Did you now that Cavemen DIDNOT eat coconut or almond flour? Just saying, not sure there were lots of tropical nut mills back in “The Day”. I guess that is why I say that We ( the Family and I) are “almost:primal” we do the best we can, and take advantage of technology at every opportunity.

No recipes this time around, not really needed….

But I do have some pictures.

Ribeye Steak rubbed with fresh garlic and onion (Salt & Pepper to taste)

Really all I did for this was press about 4 cloves of garlic and dice, really dice a red  onion and let it set over night, YUMMY

0.8 Kilo Ribeye Steak Grilled Med-Rare

Grilled Beets and Zucchini

Did nothing but cut and grill, again simple is usually always great!

Grilled Beets and Zucchini

“S” shaped Primal Pancake for my daughter <insert happyface>

pick your favorite pancake recipe and go to town. This one has nutmeg, cinnamon, and honey with a mix of coconut and almond flour.

Daughters Monogrammed Breakfast

EAT.LIFT.LIVE {Like an Animal}


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