Don’t let the Pink Dress Fool you…..

Or: House Hunting in Colorado Springs:

I don’t hide it, I am a Soldier. 15 years in the Army and I have learned a lot, some good, some bad, some horrible, but that is just the way it goes. Currently I am living in Belgium, great people, great food, AMAZING beer, and crappy weather; and I love it! Belgium is where I ended up in the worst shape of my life, and strangely enough also the best. It is where I started Crossfit, where The Wife and The Daughter started Crossfit,  and where we moved to this Primal style of eating. But all good things must come to an end, and I am preparing to move to Colorado Springs….This means leads us to the awesome travel story…

Space-A; know what it is?  Well that is a story and adventure all on its own, but where this story starts (kinda). After the most super flight over from Germany We (The Wife and I) landed at Scotts AFB in Illinois, hopped a metro and started the long ride to St. Louis Lambert Intl. Airport for our flight to Denver; takes about an hour – cost about 2 bucks WINNING!  Some where along the line; downtownish St Lou, a lady gets in on the Metro and starts to make some phone calls on her cell; yo know the type, talks loud enough for all to enjoy…..well actually she was already on the phone when she entered the car, I assume talking to a friend.  Conversation included things about dropping off applications (maybe she was job hunting), waiting in lines and/or lobbies, getting “lucky” and having her eligibility back dated a few months (hummmm), and then inviting whoever was on the other end to go shopping, “I’ll get all your food since I got 2 months worth now” (A-Ha! the light goes on: Food Stamps).  After they set the time and place the conversation moves on about something and someone who upset her while she was waiting. Honestly at this point I have lost interest.

Let me back-up a second. This lady is probably in her 30’s, short, really short, really really short curly hair. You know that “blond” color that is actually yellow, and wearing a bright pink summer dress. A bit on the large side, not big, huge or fat or anything, but “healthy”…

So, she hangs up with her friend, and makes call #2 “Aunt Jackie”. Now I am tuning this call out too until she starts using some strong and foul language, and then, well, I wanna know whats up.

“…Oh! She don’t know me, she don’t know I gots me a WEAPON”

“…Aunt Jackie, I will stab a b!*ch in her tattoo”

“…YES! she had a tattoo all on her chest, Don’t Let the Pink Dress Fool you, I will stab her right in her chest”

OK, so you are downtown, at the Food Stamp office, with a knife…Why? They aint given away steaks there, you gotta go buy them first. This went on for a little while, and it is at times like these I look at The Wife, and we share that “omg really?” look and just sigh. I have not missed this during my time in Europe.

I am sure the same thing is going on every time I ride the Metro here in Belgium, but the difference is..I don’t understand the language they are speaking…so really there is no interest in it for me.


Ok, part 2 will have some Crossfit stuff I promise……

EAT.LIFT.LIVE {Like an Animal}


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