Time Flies….

…when you are having fun!

Or when you not having fun, and that “not fun” involves packing and moving and trying to get your life in order so you can move from your home of 4.5 years on one side of the Atlantic ocean to a new home on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. and, oh by the way; the city where they are building your new house just happens to be smack dab in the middle of the worst wildfire EVER!

Before we get to far, I think every one needs to stop and hold onto a few thoughts for the insanely brave firefighters in Colorado Springs. Send out some strong positive energy for those that have lost a lifetime’s worth of memories, and those that are still in harm’s way.

There will be no food in this post, but I have some things working. I need to touch up a few pictures, and get a few things straight and the next post will be all about bite sized goodness. Things like carry along egg muffins, and baked apple muffins, and the best Almond flour pancakes that I have had to date ( if I can remember what the heck I put in them)

So for now, I wish America a very Happy Birthday, and everyone a merry good time this 4th of July.

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