Tropical Baked Eggs

This is the first post that I have ever Rebloged. I can not wat to try this tomorrow

Paleo in PDX

I’ve never made baked eggs before, but had an idea and ran with it. Boy, am I glad I did because baked eggs are delicious! Why did I wait so long to try this? You can do so many variations and combinations (sweet, savory, veggie-loaded, meat-loaded, etc.) and it’s a nice switch from my usual sunny-side up or over easy eggs in the morning. I will definitely be playing with baked eggs some more.

I decided on the tropical flavors because well, my mind is two months ahead of me … in Hawaii. Jesse and I are going to Oahu in December, right after I finish finals and I am so excited. He told me to settle down because it’s still two months away, but I figure there’s nothing wrong with being a little giddy, right? I especially can’t wait now that rainy season has kicked in here. Ahead lies…

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