Why Halloween is EVIL!!!!

Halloween is Evil, the most evil day of the year, especially if you try to live and eat Paleo/Primal…lol.  Really! All the candy and all the sugar is bad enough then my AMAZINGLY TALENTED wife had to make these cake pops for our Daughters Classroom Party.

Cake Pops

Cake Pops

I am really taken back by the things that my wife comes up with, so much creativity! BTW, non of this is Paleo/Primal at all….NONE OF IT!  I do have the instructions if you want, just drop a comment!

Did I mention the truck load of candy….



Do you know how hard it is for a self-confessed chocohaulic to say no to this stuff ?!?

No totally over the top cheat day can go unpunished, and the last few days in the Box have been just the thing we needed to get back on track. Of course we did the Halloween WOD in consume, and it was great to see how many of the other cross fitters stepped up and endured “Freddy’s Revenge” all dressed up. Follow the link to see the good times.

I guess yo know you are doing the WOD right, when at the end of it all you can’t stand, breath or talk…but I think the true proof of a WOD well done is when you are lucky enough to be visited by a Sweat Angel……

Sweat Angel

Sweat Angel



{Like an Animal}




One thought on “Why Halloween is EVIL!!!!

  1. I agree, Halloween is a very tough time to be on the Paleo diet. I went on a two week break from the paleo diet from the 14th to the 28th of October so I got a lot of the cheating out of my the way. It was really tough to turn down all of the Halloween treats in the office especially the marshmallows and cupcakes, they looked so good! I am proud of myself for not cheating.

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