It really is the same old story:

I was 24 when I joined the Army. 5 foot 5 @ 135 pounds. I then spent the next 15 years racing to reach 176 pounds. I was out of shape, out of touch, and just about out of hope. I was a bad example for myself, my soldiers, and most important; my Wife and Daughter.

It was hard living with me, but change was as simple as walking into my local Black Box and doing the 1st of my 2 free WODs (they always sucker you in with the freebie). I have never looked back. Over the course of the last year my Wife and Daughter have both started doing Crossfit and slowly we have been modifying out household eating routines.

2 months ago we finally said enough with the hit or miss dabbling and made the choice to switch to a more Primal / Paleo diet. We are not perfect in out attempt, but it works for us, and we are much better off than before. We care what we eat, when we stray from the blueprint, we know it, and it is a conscious choice. We don’t force our Daughter to eat they way we do; no 8 year old should be deprived of the occasional Mac-n-Cheese, chicken nugget, or bowl of fruity cereal. She does, however, eat the same meat and veggies we do, and most times will choose to follow along with use when we use cauliflower for rice or zucchini ribbons for noodles. She still has milk almost every day and bread as well. Given a choice, our Daughter would rather have water over soda or a carrot over a candy most times. Good for her, she makes us proud.

I like to cook; I think I am pretty good at it, so this blog will have a lot of cooking going on. Right now I am still finding my way through the ins and outs of the Primal way of life so most of what I make and share will be “borrowed” form some of the most amazing food sites PERIOD, not just amazing Paleo sites, but food in general.

Like the title says, I am “Almost Primal”. I still have bad habits, vices that I am not willing to give up, and those will be shared here as well. I like a good cigar, actually I like almost any cigar, but I love a good one. There will be reviews, ramblings about that along with my second favorite past time Beer! A good beer is hard to pass up, and the fact that I am an avid home brewer of beer will make itself evident in this blog as well.

So, that really sums it up.

(Like an Animal)


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